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Phædrus announce the launch of Gold Dot VF14M SupertubeTM

The VF14M Gold Dot Supertube is our second generation of the VF14M electronic tube. This device improves over the performance of the original VF14M electronic tubeTM device in several ways.
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Löfgren (Baerwald) or Stevenson alignment gauge.

EF14M - now shipping

Telefunken EF14/ EF12 tubes have long been favourites for substitution for the VF14 device in mod's, clones and copies of the famous U47/U48 microphones.

Sadly, even these devices are now becoming scarce; at least, those with sufficient performance for use in a microphone.

The Phædrus Audio EF14M is designed as a drop-in replacement.

Groove Sleuth Adaptors

Phædrus Audio Groove Sleuth Adaptor preamplifiers convert the XLR socket microphone inputs on commercial computer sound cards to non-equalised phono cartridge inputs.

Phædrus Audio Groove Sleuth Adaptors ensure the phono cartridge and the microphone inputs are presented with the appropriate signal levels and impedances. The 48V phantom-power powers the miniature Groove Sleuth Adaptor preamplifiers.

Versions exist for converting moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridges to a standard microphone input and for converting Phædrus Audio PHLUX active phono cartridges to a standard microphone input.

SPIRIT - phantom powered tube

Phædrus Audio SPIRIT SupertubeTM is designed to operate as a tube impedance converter in microphones supplied solely with 48V phantom power.


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