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Phædrus announce the launch of the 6D-H3 triode

Adopted by SONY in many classic microphones. Today it's impossible to find these tubes or substitutes. Models include: SONY C-220A; C-107; C-57; CU-2 and the C-17B microphones.
Check out Phædrus Audio's FREE impulse-response library.
Phædrus Audio introduce the PHAMULUS II and SHUpHLER II

With revised circuitry, both now sport the new Phædrus Audio grey livery.

Free Stereo Lab software!

The new Groove Sleuth Mk. II preamplifier ships with Pspatial Audio's plaudit winning Stereo Lab software.

Together they offer all the tools for capturing the highest quality needle-drops from both modern, LP records and historic disc recordings.

New Dual PHAB is released

The Phædrus Audio PHAB-S is a recreation of two channels from the the famous all vacuum tube recording console used to record The Beatles. The 2U mains powered unit houses two instances of the fundamental building-brick of The Fabs' console: the Type 47 modular amplifiers.

Email to order your PHAB-S.

Phædrus Audio go thermionic

Phædrus Audio have introduced a truly thermionic replacement for the VF14 tube.


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