PILOT linear power supply

All Phædrus Audio equipment requires high-quality, external power-supplies. The hi-fi/archiving Groove Sleuth preamplifiers (of all types); and the FRANCINSTIEN WARP product all require DC power.

All our external power supplies are manufactured with the highest audio-quality in mind and ensure that the power provided to the preamplifier is very low noise and very low impedance. All PSUs connect to the preamplifiers unit via a cable with screw-lock connectors.

There are two ways to power this equipment:

PILOT Power Supply

Housed in a similar chassis to the preamplifiers, the PILOT power supply is a linear supply and of the very highest audio quality (see Specification).

Because the PILOT power supply is linear, it is NOT UNIVERSAL, so different options must be selected for mains power/power-grid voltages with nominal values 230V AC or 110V AC.


PILOT Power Supply

Size: 220mm × 170mm × 55mm (L × W × H).
Preamplifier Supply: DC output on screw locking connector.
Power consumption: Compatible with European Eco-Consumption directives. The unit is intended to remain energised all the time.
Power input: Mains power (power grid supply) 230V nominal or 110V nominal (order option)
Insulation: Class 1 equipment, case of PSU is earthed. DC supply is double-insulated and fully floating from mains earth.
Regulation: 3mV over standard mains voltage variation
Output impedance: <10mΩ
Maximum current impulse: 1 Amp
Noise: 10µV RMS in 100kHz bandwidth
Protection: Over-current, thermal and SOA protection.

Phædrus Audio reserves the right to change specifications without notice.


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