Power supply options with the London Series

All the London Series products run from a single, 12V AC power supply which connect to the units via a high-quality, screw-lock connector. The high-tension and heater supplies are generated inside the units from this single AC supply. External power can be supplied via a standard power-supply (left), or via the PHUEL.

All the London Series modules are automatically provided with an external power supply within the base price. The appropriate type for your region will be selected on shipping.

Why we use external power supplies?

The 12V AC power supply for the London Series modules goes all the way back to the London Console. Developing a modern "vintage" console, we were very mindful of the 230V mains and "widow-maker" 400V DC power loom in the The Beatles consoles.

To avoid this dangerous, antique arrangement, we decided to distribute power around the mixer on a 12V AC loom. This power-source is then locally rectified (for the DC heaters), transformed (for the HT) as necessary. It proved to be a very successful and safe design-decision.

Unconditionally safe....

We retained this idea in developing the London Series because, in so doing, we could a range of products which we could sell worldwide whilst observing all the various electrical safety and fire regulations. The London Series are high-voltage products, yet they are double-insulated and thereby unconditionally safe.

No audio compromises....

The design of the audio circuits would be identical if they were directly mains-powered. Rather than take 230V AC mains and transform it inside the units to 12V for the heaters etc., we take 12V AC, which we can use directly for the heaters, and use transformers to get the HT. In other words, there are no audio-design compromises being made.


The PHUEL is no longer available. Please contact sales@phaedrus-audio.com for more details.

We are aware that some customers regard external (especially plug-top) power supplies as being "low-end". Our response to this has been to develop the PHUEL (right) which has a beautiful, European-made, toroidal transformer in it and which will power two London Series units at the same time. Whilst the supplied external PSUs offer very good sound-quality, there is no argument that using the PHUEL increases reliability and immunity to RF and ground- or mains-based interference.

Like the other London Series modules, the PHUEL is also rack-mounting. This means (for example) that a PHAB mic'-amp' can partner with a PHUEL PSU in a 2U panel.


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