FLOATING POINT Dual-Mode™ Cables

It isn't necessary to resort to putative low-level non-linearity mechanisms or transmission-line effect to justify the importance of correct cable types when dealing with phonograph equipment — especially when dealing with high-impedance phono cartridges and preamplifiers.

Especially critical are carrier quadraphonic signals which Stereo Lab is designed to decode.

In these circumstances, the wrong type of interconnect cable can destroy the accuracy of needle-drop recordings by introducing anomalous frequency-response issues at the top of the audio passband. At best, this may upset the tonal balance, and may even render quadraphonic needle-drops impossible to decode.

Neither is it necessary to resort to explanations on the edge of science to explain the necessity for correctly designed cables for digital (SPDIF) signals where the surge impedance of the cable must be carefully controlled.

Like the Groove Sleuth preamplifiers, Phædrus Audio FLOATING POINT Dual-Mode™ interconnect cables were designed as the standard cables in the laboratory at Pspatial Audio where the precision analogue signals and digital signals intermingle.

FLOATING POINT Dual-Mode™ interconnect cables are designed to work equally well to ensure wideband, enhanced-resolution operation of phono cartridges and preamplifiers alike. And for the transport of digital signals post analogue-to-digital conversion.

Dual-Mode™ cable construction

Phædrus Audio FLOATING POINT Dual-Mode™ cables employ a central conductor of silver plated copper and a silver plated copper braid with a PTFE (Teflon™) dielectric.

The PTFE (Teflon™) dielectric is surrounded with a high-quality, silver-plated copper screen. Silver plating ensures excellent conductivity of the central conductor and of the outer shield even as frequency increases and the signal currents start to migrate towards the surface of the conductors due to skin effect.4

The outer jacket of the FLOATING POINT Dual-Mode™ cables is Teflon FEP™ (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) a material which shares PTFE's useful properties of low friction contributes to the low mass of the cable (15g/metre) and to the excellent minimum bending radius of 10mm. These factors aid tidy cable routing.

   ".... a high-quality, future-proofed, small-signal interconnect."

By combining a cable with a high-conductance, good screening, low capacitance and a surge impedance of 75Ω, Phaedrus Audio FLOATING POINT Dual-Mode™ cables are equally at home in low-level analogue rôles and carrying digtal signals — a high-quality, future-proofed, small-signal interconnect.

Phædrus Audio FLOATING POINT Dual-Mode™ cables are fitted with high-quality, gold-plated RCA plugs. The cables are available as single cable (order a pair for analogue duties). Cables are available in lengths of one metre.

All Phædrus Audio cables are hand-built at the company’s factory in France.

Electrical Specification

Capacitance: 64 pF/m
Resistance: 0.8Ω/m
Impedance: 75Ω


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