Microphone grade EF14 tubes

Because of the test equipment and test jigs we developed for Phædrus Audio Electronic TubesTM, we have an ideal environment for testing the quality of the VF14 tube's brother: the EF14.

We have therefore used our production quality testing units to made available a stock of these tubes which are tested and all ready for service in U47 or U48 microphones modified for this type of tube, or for tribute or clone microphones designed to use this low-voltage heater device. We have both NOS and used tubes available.

Product GBP ex-VAT GBP inc.VAT
Telefunken EF14 NOS - Tested for microphone use £205.00 £246.00
Telefunken EF14 Used - Tested for microphone use £125.00 £150.00

PHI - tube and transformer DI box

The tone of an electric-, or bass-guitar is completely destroyed, unless it drives an impedance such as it "sees" when plugged into a valve amp'.

This is the role of the Phædrus Audio PHI DI-Box. The dual valve (tube) stage acts as an impedance-converter, presenting the instrument input with an impedance just like that of a classic tube-amp'. The output of the unit then coupled via a high-quality transformer to the microphone input of your mixer or computer interface.

Product GBP ex-VAT GBP inc.VAT
PHI - Tube & transformer DI box - ECC82 tube
Power supply included
£100.00 £120.00

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