RED DOT Electronic TubesTM

Two Markets

Now that Phædrus Audio is manufacturing Electronic TubesTM in quantities of 100 to 200, we are starting to understand our yields and long-term production costs for these tubes. Moreover, over the last six months of marketing and selling these devices, we realise that there are two markets for these tubes: a DIY-market; and a replacement-market for original, classic microphones.

Whilst customers for the replacement market are happy to pay for three-level QA'd tubes with a 5 year warranty, the DIY market are looking for a better value solution.

So, we have launched value versions of the AC701 and the VF14M. These tubes carry the standard 1 year warranty. These are our standard production tubes and are fully tested to specification.


During this initial test we select the best 10% of tubes in performance terms and soak-test them for 300 hours, after which each tube is re-tested, certificated and marked with a RED DOT. These are our premium quality tubes and carry a five year warranty. These tubes are covered by Phædrus Lifetime Care.

Prices for standard and RED DOT tubes are on our prices page.

Phædrus Audio RED DOT Electronic TubesTM - 5 years warranty, three level QA'd and selected for premium performance.


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