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6072M Low-noise SupertubeTM

The Phædrus Audio 6072M SupertubeTM is designed as a direct replacement for the 6072 (and 12AY7) tubes used in a variety of vintage and contemporary microphones including: AKG C12; ELA M250/1E; Siemens SM204; C28a; as well as modern mics by Telefunken USA, Wunder, Rode and others.

The Phædrus Audio 6072M Electronic TubeTM is modelled on a brand new General Electric GL6072 Five Star tube. The zenith of all 12AY7 type tubes, the GE Five Star tubes were not simply selected types: they were specially engineered for higher performance for the post-war civil aviation industry.

Changes included: gold-plated grid wires to minimise grid-emission; better mechanical design for lower microphony; and dual-coated heaters and a revised and separate assembly-line for better reliability.

GE Five Star tube assembly workers were even paid an enhanced wage but with no "piece-work" element, so that they were not encouraged to place production volume over quality!

6072M Gold Dot SupertubeTM Technical Specifications
Recommended operating conditions

Heater voltage (current): 6.3V (150mA)
Anode load: Typically 100k
HT Supply: 120V (nominal)
Grid circuit: 30MΩ 250MΩ
Cathode circuit: Supports grid or cathode biasing

Phædrus Audio are currently engineering the Gold Dot 6072M SupertubeTM. Contact for pricing and availability.

Click for the 6072M SupertubeTM datasheet.


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